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Youth for South (Y4S): Advanced Youth Leadership Programme

“Youth for South (Y4S): Advanced Youth Leadership Programme” is an umbrella facility dedicated to supporting South-South and triangular cooperation initiatives, projects and activities in promoting youth leadership and capacity development for achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The outcome document of the second High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA+40)( A/RES/73/291) highlighted and recognized the role South-South and triangular cooperation plays in capacity building, strengthening human resources and leveraging the role of education and human development to create employment opportunities particularly in the areas of science technology, innovation, and technical and vocational education.

UNOSSC launched Youth4South: Advanced Youth Leadership Programme with Office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, China Institute for South-South Cooperation in Agriculture (CISSCA), Finance Center for South-South Cooperation (FC-SSC), IFAD, NOREC-Norway, UNFPA and the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment in November 2017. Youth4South is designed as an umbrella facility that aims at facilitating capacity development for youth from developing countries to learn and adapt South-South and triangular cooperation knowledge and tools for scaling up Southern development solutions to bring sustainable development to their home country and local communities.

Youth4South aims to:

1) Support the exchange of knowledge mutual learning among young people globally.

2) Provide capacity development opportunities for youth to learn, adapt and apply South-South and triangular cooperation tools and methods in scaling up sustainable development solutions and projects in their home community, institution, and country contexts.

3) Provide accesses to expertise, mentorships, resources, and networks.

4) Promote dialogue between youth and development stakeholders and increase youth participation in global dialogue.